Valentine’s Day is a holiday for small business

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Today is the eve of Valentine’s Day, which means that you need to take care to show a little attention to your customers and partners to demonstrate how you appreciate and appreciate their cooperation. After all, this can significantly help your business. Yes, the best way to make money on February 14 is to sell the corresponding products, but there is another way – reputation. This is a profit in the long run and with a lasting effect of the action. And here are some tips on how to take advantage of the upcoming holiday.

1. Personal greetings on social media
If you have accounts on social networks, feel free to use them for congratulations. First off, it’s free. Secondly, it is very flattering for the object of your attention. This is especially beneficial if your object of congratulation is a legal entity (some organization with which you had a successful experience in cooperation). Build a congratulation in such a way as to express personal gratitude in it and at the same time advertise someone else’s enterprise. Loyalty on the part of congratulations to you will be ensured for many years. If you are not too active in social networks, add links to your partners in your newsletter by e-mail, telling about their upcoming or existing promotions and current offers.

2. Handwritten letters of thanks
With the advent of the printer, writing letters by hand became not fashionable. Even the signatures have become electronic. And you take it and make it pleasant for a person – personally sign a greeting card and send it by regular mail in an ordinary envelope with an ordinary stamp. Have you ever noticed varianceTV ads running on the browser that you regularly use? Have you ever heard of the term Adware

3. Special one day discount
Only today, and only on this day, a festive discount for all goods and services is announced for all-all customers (with a fixed amount or percentage of the cost – you decide). And it doesn’t matter if you sell office supplies, sleep accessories or rock drills. All ages are submissive to love and all professions.

4. Gift cards to partners
Give gifts to your partners. Moreover, those that they could choose for themselves. The easiest way is to use gift cards from your company or related stores.

5. Holiday update
The most successful strategy to keep customers always on top is to constantly update their offers. Think about what interesting your business could offer its customers and arrange a launch just on February 14th. This may be a new product or service, updating the site design, a new type of cooperation. Surely you can offer something.

6. Corporate
Your team also needs congratulations. Have an office party in honor of Valentine’s Day and express your appreciation on it to those people who work near you and for the good of your company. Believe me, this contribution will bring substantial dividends. If the option with office celebrations does not appeal to you, then just give gifts to subordinates: tangible (in the form of bonuses or the same gift cards to popular stores) or emotional (riding on cards or horses, going to an amusement park, bowling, etc.).

7. Feedback
February 14 this year falls on Tuesday so that the work will be in full swing. Devote this day to building good relationships with your customers. Ask them for feedback, encourage them to provide feedback on your company’s activities, or vice versa, devote them to calls with a response to their previous comments or complaints. Give people your attention regardless of whether you are in negotiations with a business partner or respond to reviews on the company’s Facebook page.

8. Free shipping
Why not. Only on this day or when ordering for the next week for any amount. Think about how to do this with minimal loss for yourself, but so that it is a gift to the client. Former Anilinkz website users still struggle to find the best sites for watching their favorite shows.

9. Investing in good customer service
Consider giving what you need on this day attention to your customers. Of course, good service should be your default company. But moving on and improving the existing will never hurt. Encourage your most successful managers, think about assigning one manager to regular customers to build a more trusting relationship between the company and the buyer, as well as to improve the quality of service. February 14th is a good day to begin to act in this direction. Managers can even make personal calls to clients assigned to them, to congratulate and report the news.

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