Topmost WPLMS themes for education purpose


In our everyday life, especially the student’s life e-learning has become very common. WPLMS themes provide a very good opportunity for e-learning and educational purpose. People search for different websites and e-learning platform for educational and learning purposes.

There are various types of LMS WordPress Themes available over the internet but it is very difficult to choose the right theme for you. In this blog, we will help you find some of the most usable e-learning WordPress themes for educational purposes. Let’s discuss each of them one by one. 

We can make different types of WordPress LMS themes to educate other people, we can also make our own online course with the help of different WPLMS Plugins. You can say that you can make any type of website using a WordPress Theme.


For those who understand the human mind, a simple fact becomes clear for them: education should be entertained. In fact, information that captures imagination will manage to stay with you throughout your life. When creating an educational website, you should try to make it aesthetically interactive, attractive and informative. Divi is a WordPress theme that can achieve both goals. It has a large list of versatile features, as well as a design that is fully responsive.

Students can catch their readings on the go because the lamp is compatible with any operating system, device or web browser. Apart from this, owners of sites can work from anywhere, avoiding being tied to a desk chair until the lesson is completed.

From the factory directly, the theme will have 20 prefabricated designs. These WordPress LMS templates can help people who can not start with scratch due to overload schedules. Divi converts elements of the site into visual building blocks, which facilitate the privatization of your website.

No knowledge of coding or web development is necessary, because this process is very easy. The Divi’s website hosts many examples of site demonstrations, which were created by other users. Be sure to check them out.

Education WP

 If you want to create an excellent website devoted to learning, then this topic can be your best ally. Education WP is a streamlined and practical design that will surely attract many readers. No coding knowledge is required, and it is not necessary to appoint experts in web development. Education WP also includes a large list of premium features, which were added for free.

By choosing to install this product, you will save $ 250. Concerned students can use the content from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Basically, as long as you have a screen and an internet connection, it will be compatible with your educational website.

It should be noted that this theme uses LearnPress, which is one of the best management systems in WordPress.

It is easy to use and highly customizable. Your website will present a modern search box which allows students to search for publication or courses in a few seconds. You can also benefit from the drag-and-drop course management tool. Education WP can easily show different sections, courses, and questionnaires. After completing a task, students can upload their work. To learn more about Education WP, make sure to use Live Preview.


Ed School is a WordPress Support theme for children and teenagers who specializes in education. Easily suited for primary, middle and high school levels. You will have to fully cover 2 home pages and a demo! Ed school is revolutionary in its style with a great header and footer builder. It also uses the drag and drops, an integrated visual composer with an incredible MegaMenu.

Ed School is a WordPress eLearning WPLMS theme for children and teenagers.

You can set up classroom events with a calendar and customize the environment with unlimited colors. In addition, texts can be customized from over 700 beautiful Google sources. In addition, WooCommerce integration is also available for special product stores. It also provides a great  WPLMS documentation and even a video tutorial. This topic considers your needs as a user and your future trainee needs.


Eikra is a powerful LMS WordPress theme which is poised for education. It is designed to support an SEO-friendly platform and a powerful administration panel. It has easy configurations with unlimited colors, Google fonts and a flexible generator without code. Eikra Layer is ready to show information with slider and more than 20 header variations

There are 3 courses and 3 research designs to make personal in special specialty education enhancements. The entire website can be translated into MLS with international students/readers. Eikra is a course management system website. It is professional and adaptable.

Exhibitions are available for testing with one click, and a secondary subject is offered. Eikra is fully documented, provides permanent updates and support. Do not miss the opportunity to actually get a unique tool!


Kalium is a strong, reliable, colorful and youthful WordPress creative web theme, clean and ancient, easy to use and easy for professionals. This topic is an imaginative and intuitive framework for the rapid and flexible development of attractive and purposeful websites, which extends a wide range of industries and interests, without needing to write a line of code itself.

Kalium is an ideal way to cater to the needs of professionals in all the specifications and areas of life, including professional performance and achievements of easy and easy-to-use page creators and add-ons such as the Leanside Rider, with many display websites and page templates. Are. have been shown. with the help of this WPLMS theme, You can bring your live content and make your pages dynamic.

This is a favorite subject for many professional educational websites, such as professors and academy, academic academies, and all types of special education centers.

With a wide range of options to personalize the design and presentation of portfolio design, Kalium is an ideal setting that will organize your educational plans and packages and your success stories in a fully polished and animated organization. Originally friendly and core-sensitive for mobile devices, Kalium extends its audience and runs its traffic through the roof.


As we have discussed some of the top usable e-learning WordPress Themes which are considered as some of the best learning management systems. Now you get the idea about which WordPress LMS themes you should choose for e-learning and educational purpose. I hope this helps you very much. If you have any complaints and suggestions regarding WPLMS education themes then don’t forget to comment in the comment box. 


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