Things to Ensure when Buying Land by Joseph Grinkorn

Joseph Grinkorn

The process of finding a good piece of land to buying it in the right way is something, not an easy task ever. Investing in buying land is definitely seen as getting a good return for a long time. If you have any plans for buying land, then be sure to start with smart research, good evaluation and a strong strategy of profit-making.  To avoid any kind of fraud, just be careful before you spent money on buying land.

According to Joseph Grinkorn, smart searching is a way of getting always best! So, always remember to research well before finalizing any land. The research process of land can involve real estate agents, land brokers along with various online sites. While, the choice is yours, that with which one you want to go.

Research Process of Land
Research Process of Land

Real Estate Agents

The access to a large number of properties for sale by the real estate agents and brokers help you a lot for good researches and finally getting the appropriate land. But keep in mind that all real estate agents are not always good in providing you the right land. So, always choose an experienced one.

Land Brokers

For specialized real estate agencies, land brokers are the best one and most familiar with the land properties. Although their charges are a bit higher than the residential real estate agencies.

 Online Searching

In this unbeatable trend of online, it’s easy for the land researches to get the details on various sites. You can search out for land online from the long list of various real estate websites as per your requirement just by entering the particular state and community you are admiring to buy land.

Directly by the Owner

Many lands are sold directly by the owner itself. Generally in many towns and rural areas this direct selling process by the owner is still the most trustworthy.


The other common way is an auction; the land sale by the auctioning companies is quite a preferable one, just with a simple Google search. And many local auctions are also carried out for land selling.

Before finalizing any land, it is a must to evaluate properly regarding the following key points given by Joseph:

  • Ownership claims on the land.
  • Minimal property taxes.
  • Several categories of zoning.
  • Evaluate the physical characteristics of the land such as road access, landlocked, environmental issues.
  • Easy availability of the utilities.
  • Proper survey with plat maps.
  • The comfort of family.

An investment in land is advantageous, as an owner of the particular vacant land doesn’t demand any renovation and repair again and again for attracting the buyers. Any vacant land is usually free from any personal sentiments due to which it is quite easy for the owner to sell it.

Land Investment
Land Investment

If any owner of the rental building is looking for the buyers then before preceding this selling process, the owner has to deal with the building issues such as proper plumbing, tenants and other maintenance tasks of the building. Instead of all this, there is no need for a huge bank balance for buying vacant land as compared to other properties. Another benefit of vacant land is much less competition for selling as compared to building because you have to maintain the good level of maintenance of your building before selling it. For attracting more and more buyers for your building you have to make it stand in the long list of the market while there is no such issue with the vacant land.

For selling land you can go with the power of social media these days, let’s focus on the ways of doing it easily.

  • Go with the simple idea of posting on your Facebook timeline.
  • Utilize the apps for land selling.
  • Choose various online sites as well.
  • Join the groups related to land selling/buying on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Every coin has two sides, similarly along with the benefits of buying land, it has also some downsides.

  • As per the law of different countries, it’s not always possible to buy land easily.
  • Doesn’t provide immediate income if a particular land is on a lease, as it’s a long term investment.
  • Carrying cost of property taxes annually or semi-annually.

All that makes a sense is as a buyer only you have to make a decision, so take the right one carefully. Joseph Grinkorn Recommended to not trying ignoring your budget and other requirements during buying land. For buying the right land, the right decision is a must. Don’t be in a hurry; take your time to think and analyze all the aspects related to land before handling the final payment.

For stepping towards your dream of buying land always keep the above-mentioned pros and cons in your mind and aware of future trends of Real Estate. And never ever forget about the necessary and smart action of researching well before finalising.


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