Microsoft Visual Studio 2019: What’s New about Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for developing web applications, mobile applications, websites, and computer programs. Visual Studio uses Microsoft Application Development software tools such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, and more to create both native and managed codes.  

The company has recently launched its latest version of Visual Studio 2019 in May this year. This release comes with several enhancements that increase efficiency, promote faster execution, and improves team collaboration.  

Amanda Silver, Partner Director, and Project Management Microsoft said: “The new features in Visual Studio 2019 will address a huge concern for developers. It will streamline software deployment on multiple platforms.” She further added that the release of Visual Studio 2019 will support and inspire a wide range of programming languages. 

Visual Studio 2019 is available on both Windows PC and Mac. For the Mac operating system, Microsoft has provided additional support in the form of a new C# editor. It allows developers to run various instances of Visual Studio, Xamarin, and Unity game engine tools.  

Let’s get into some details about the new Visual Studio 2019-

Visual Studio Live Share 

Visual Studio Live Studio is a unique feature that lets developers collaborate seamlessly with their team and edit the same code simultaneously. 

Visual Studio 2019 allows as many as 35 developers to work jointly on the code.

The 2019 version embeds the Live Share feature into Visual Studio through default. The new version also offers a live share button in the Integrated Development Environment. 

You just need to click on the Live Share button and then click the start collaboration session to share the screen with another developer. If you want to add more developers to the team, just hit Invite participants. It copies a link to the Live Share session on your dashboard and then you can send this link to the other developers. 

New Upgraded Intellicode 

Come to Visual Studio 2019 and you will witness a newly upgraded Intellicode. Intellicode is Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence-powered assistant, which focuses on improving the developer’s productivity. 

Intellicode features have been further updated with benefits like auto-formatting and offering intelligent solutions. 

These intelligent solutions are customer-centric and personalized. It offers users recommendations based on their codes. 

It also enables developers to write more accurate codes in the quickest of times. They will also keep an eye on their other team members and know what they are working on while writing the codes. 

The new IntelliCode is also based on a Machine Learning model that allows you to predict the most precise item to be inserted into the code.

Intellicode also supports prominent programming languages such as C++ and XAML. 

Support for.NET Core 3.0 Version 

Microsoft has announced that the new version of Visual Studio 2019 will be support.NET Core 3.0. The company has also emphasized that 2019 is the only IDE version, which will support.NET 3 Core. Also, Visual Studio for Mac is a new framework for a lighter editor that you can use on a different platform. 

Microsoft has introduced a new interesting feature with the support of .NET 3.0. The developers further receive support for setting data breakpoints. 

Data breakpoints allow break execution if the value is stored at a specific location change. With this new feature, the data breakpoint will only hit the property if the developer wants to inspect it. 

New Improved Search 

With the launch of Visual Studio 2019, Microsoft also improved its search functionality. This means that users will find it easier to search for anything. One of the biggest benefits is that the developers have the option to search through the objects during the debugging process. This search process goes up to 10 levels of nesting. 

How does this feature prove further useful? Let’s take, for example, you want to search the index of the object containing file forum in its Name Property. Visual Studio 2019 automatically highlights the object that matches your search criteria. This will simplify the search process more than ever before. 

Code Cleanup 

Another exclusive feature that you will come across in Microsoft Studio 2019 is Code Cleanup. Microsoft has specifically introduced this feature for users wanting to clean up the code quickly. 

Users also look to maintain a consistent style while replying to third-party tools such as ReSharper. Cleanup allows applying user’s preferences automatically with only a few shortcuts. 

You can accelerate the speed of Code Cleanup functionality by using either a keyboard shortcut or a lightbulb menu. 

Users get a choice to select what type of options they want to accelerate and implement the option. For instance, you can configure a type declaration as implicit or explicit depending upon your choice. 

DPI Awareness 

Developers often face issues related to multi-monitor setups or when they try to mix and match scaling setups, especially when it exceeds 100%. In technical terms, this is known as blurry or fuzzy texts. 

Another major challenge is when you move the windows to another configured place. You also have to keep down the scaling to 100% to sharpen the text across all monitors. 

You can solve all the above problems with the help of program optimization. Visual Studio 2019 addresses the concerns by optimizing the rendering process of these types of setups. 

Less Crashes While Debugging C++ Apps 

At last, C++ developers have something to smile about. Yes, Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 has brought some good news for them. The good news is that they have to deal with fewer crashes when debugging large applications such as on-demand apps and video games. 

Microsoft has focused on enhancing the capability of Visual Studio, making it asynchronous. 

In fact, the development teams have expressed their satisfaction as it has increased their efficiency level and reduced the time when working on large codebases. 

The less crashing takes place due to lack of memory during the debugging process. The condition has exceedingly improved compared to earlier versions.  

For example, the Xbox game Gear of War 4 debugged in Visual Studio 2017 consuming 2GB of RAM after 5 minutes. However, when the same game was debugged in the 2019 version, it consumed only 418 MB of RAM after 5 minutes. 

Upgrade to the New Version 

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 has been introduced with several updated features and new functionalities. Thus, whether you are a Windows or Mac developer, you should move to the new version right away to clearly understand all the features and leverage the benefits. 


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