How To Be A Professional Video Game Tester (Video Games Beta Tester)

Professional Video Game Tester

The videogame sector is clearly booming and more and more users enjoy this form of entertainment, more with the rise of E-Sports or electronic sports. As many of you will know, before launching any game to the market there are beta tester video games that are in charge of testing any title in search of errors or bugs that can weigh on the experience. Do you want to be a video game tester? We explain how to get it.

Types of beta tester games, or video game tester

Before continuing to explain how to be a video game tester, you have to know how to differentiate between the different beta tester video games. To begin with, you have to differentiate between a beta testers that tests the quality of a product in beta phase, which will surely be part of the quality control department, a beta tester of video games already published.

Yes, you can start testing games that are already on the market but that need to be tested by many players in search of bugs or errors. For example, one of the most popular platforms to buy video games, Steam, has a large catalog of titles to get started in the business as a video game tester.

Of course, these games are free, or even in some cases of payment, so the test early access titles will not report any economic benefit, just the satisfaction of trying a game before anyone else and help polish small errors that go finding

Now, if what you want is to make a living as a video game tester you have to take into account two very important things: on the one hand, you will not only be enjoying triple A titles and commenting on minor failures. Nothing is further from reality. And on the other hand, the methodology and the repetition of levels are the norm in this job.

What is the job of a video game tester?

We do not want to take away the illusion, if you like videogames this work can satisfy you enormously, but it must be very clear that a video game tester is not just dedicated to test finished games to see that everything works well.

Yes, this function is reached, but first you have to go through many other phases in order for the project to come to fruition. And some of the functions can be very repetitive. It is therefore very important to be methodical in this job that requires a high level of concentration and, why deny it, large doses of patience. Let’s see the different phases of the development of a video game and how they affect a tester of video games or video game beta tester.

Videogame in prototype phase: in this first phase, the mission of the video game tester is to check that the behavior of the graphic engine of the game is correct, that the mechanics are functional and in general terms that the title is viable.

Videogame in pre-alpha phase: here we are already starting to see a project with face and eyes. In this case the title is more playable and bugs, performance problems and other common mistakes in this development phase will be checked. This includes having to repeatedly open the game menu to confirm that it works correctly in all available languages ​​by giving an example.

Videogame in beta phase: in this phase the game is already a very advanced and perfectly playable version. At this point is where we can enjoy the title fully by offering real feedback on the title, checking that the interactions with the game are correct. It is the part that a video game tester will enjoy the most.

And we cannot forget another of the most important points when creating a game: certification testing, or certification testing. This point is one of the most important before we can launch a game to the market and, we are very afraid, it is one of the most cumbersome jobs that a video game beta tester has to perform.

It consists in verifying that the game that is going to come to the market has no serious problems. To do this, tests will be carried out to make sure that the resolution is adequate, that the control responds without any delay, that the installed data is sufficient, problems of compatibility with different processors and a long etcetera that makes it very clear that being a tester of video games does not mean playing the last Call Of Duty all day.

Unlike what you think, it is a very professional technical job with a very high responsibility since, although you can always launch patches to solve different errors, it is very important that any game that reaches the market has the right conditions to offer a good experience to the end user.


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