Hijab: A Male Perspective


“There are many men among the believers who honored their pledge to God: some of them fulfilled by death, and some are still waiting for this. They have not changed in the least.” (Qur’an 33:23)

There is absolute confidence that, as of overdue, many Muslim women have decided to do away with their Hijabs, no matter a consensus among scholars that hijab is required. Many times, when modesty as a distinctive feature is mentioned within our groups, the dialogue nearly continually surrounds the modesty of Muslim ladies. In my opinion, I sense that when discussing modesty (both person (inward) as well of apparel (outward)), a greater recognition wishes to be put on guys as participants to the decline of modesty within the network. Although many factors play into Muslim girls’ choices to take away their Hijabs, that isn’t always part of this specific discussion. It’s miles my perception that a number of the causes within the decline of modesty are primarily based in particular upon the lack of humility amongst Muslim men (and the double standards they tend to enjoy). Via reviving Prophetic chivalry and masculine modesty inside themselves, Muslim men can higher efficiently contribute to sustaining modesty in the Muslim network.

In a profound noble prophetic narration, the Messenger of God (peace and benefits be upon him) gives us a knowledge of communal modesty and chastity which locations the more (however now not different) duty upon men. He says (peace and advantages are upon him, “Be type in your parents, and your kids will be the type to you; be chaste, and your ladies may be chaste.” [Tabarani – classified as hasan]

The primary 1/2 of the Prophet’s assertion (God bless him and grant him peace) is well known, whereas the second 1/2 of the narration is directed in particular at men. One way of knowing this prophetic narration is if Muslim men put in force modesty and chastity within themselves, their virtuous individual will spread and have an impact on women as well. By way of extension, the other is also authentic: if guys lose their experience of integrity, their immorality will negatively affect girls inside society. If one takes some moment to reflect at the way this performs within an organization, they will see its fact, in particular in today’s global. It suffices to say that the pornographic enterprise, which turns women into sex-slaves, is run and sustained using men.

The reality of the problem is that we live in a hyper-sexualized world passionate about appearances, and this presents difficult, demanding situations upon the Muslim non-secular psyche. We’re bombarded with conceited pix (often in opposition to our will) of the human body that affects us consciously and unconsciously, making it an uphill war to be a chaste and modest human-being. However, the definition of a righteous Muslim is a person who fights towards their lowly goals and purifies their souls from the tarnishes of this international. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and mercy be upon him) stated, “Islam started as a stranger, and it’ll return to being a stranger because of it as soon as was. Consequently, blessed are the strangers who remain virtuous while everyone else will become corrupt.” [Muslim, Tirmidhi].

No matter what we’re surrounded via, Muslim guys need to keep themselves to a higher preferred of morality and distinctive feature. Once Muslim guys take their loyalty, training, and individual significantly, our noblewoman counterparts will understand and recognize that within us. We have to abolish the double popular that exists in our communities – no longer through decreasing the usual of female modesty, but instead by using annoying Muslim men live as much as standards of decency already given to us with the aid of God and His Messenger. when Muslim men gawk at half of-bare girls (whether or not in public, on television, or the net), act and speak lewdly, and show a greater appreciation for immoral girls, then what kind of message does that ship to Muslim women who try to maintain their dignity inwardly and outwardly? Typically, while Muslim women see such a lot of Muslim males performing this manner, they lose wish in finding a righteous husband and sometimes ask themselves why they even trouble to wear the top-headband. If Muslim guys held themselves to a better general, acted like gentlemen, and favored the more significant characteristics within ladies along with mercy, trustworthiness, loyalty, and modesty – then Muslim women might feel more liked for their battle to be modest, or at least think that Muslim guys can relate.

Male Hijab

Being a male does now not make you a man. A person is made through uprightness, dependability, and virtuous character. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and mercy of God be upon him) become the best human being and the most excellent guy ever to walk this earth and considered one of his most brilliant virtues changed into his excessive modesty. He is our general; he is our grasp; he’s our version – may God bless him and provide him peace! We must maintain ourselves to better requirements and not unjustly vicinity the entire burden of communal modesty upon our sisters’ shoulders. When guys step up and take extra duty in their very own humility, it’s going to display our take care of and cohesion with our Muslim sisters and create an experience of cooperation among the believing women and men. While Muslim men show more appreciation in the direction of the struggles of Muslim ladies by using being upright guys, it will make our sister’s sense without a doubt liked and created sustainable, ethical surroundings within our groups.

Because the exceptional poet, Amir Suleiman once stated, “when a person is simply a person, it makes a lady secure to absolutely be a lady.”


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