GST Services: A Self Service To Overall GST Rates [GST Council – 2019]


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Coming back to the topic… GST Service. Let’s start with a question: What is the service tax in GST?

Ease: Goods and services tax implies tax on services for example — a doctor is giving service to the patient, CA is giving service in the company…etc.

In simple words those who provide services to their client they will pay service tax.

Service tax also divided into 4 slab tax structure.

GST service rates slabs are 0%, 5%,12%,18% and 28% these rate slab. 

However, the Government excluded educational and health-care services.

The service sector is categorized in a different category like — Doctors, C.A, Railways, and many more services. and has different tax rates for each service let’s have a look at it.

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Categorization Of GST Rates For Services

The categorization of GST rates for services are mentioned as follows; 

The 5% tax rate slab is for the services Mention below:

  • Transportation of goods in a vessel from outside India.
  • Railways-Transportation of goods, passengers.
  • Renting a motor cab without fuel cost.
  • Transport services in the Ac stage or radio taxi.
  • Tour operates services.
  • Transport by air.
  • Working for the printing of the newspaper.
  • Leasing of aircraft.

 The 12% tax rate slab is for the services Mention below:

  • Air travel excluding the economy.
  • Serving food at restaurants without AC or liquor license.
  • Rail transportation of goods other than Indian Railways.
  • Renting accommodation which is more than 1000 and less than 2500 per day.
  • Leasing of aircraft.
  • Tour operator service.
  • Intellectual property rights on a temporary basis.
  • Construction of building for the purpose of sale.
  • Chit fund service by foremen.

The 18% tax rate slab is for the services Mention below:

  • Serving food at restaurants with AC or liquor license.
  • Supply of work contract.
  • Outdoor catering.
  • Renting accommodation which is more than 2500 and less than 5000 per day.
  • Supply of food and party arrangement.
  • Indian classical, folk, theatre, drama.

The 28% tax rate slab is for the services Mention below:

  • Entertainment events-amusement facilities, water parks, theme, film parks, race-course, go-carting, casinos, ballet, a sporting event like IPL.
  • Gambling.
  • food/drink in a 5-star hotel.
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel and above. 
  • Race club service.

GST Rates Schedule For Services

There are many other services on which we will be discussing tax rates, are as follows:

1. Contract Services – Talking about the contract base work, it is important to acknowledge that contract based work is a service or not. In GST, composite the contract base work is classified into service.

When there is a construction of a building,  a complex, or civil structure that is intended to sale to a buyer then the tax rate will be 12%. On other contract base work, the tax rate is 18%.

In simple words, if the contract work is to construct a building or complex to sell someone then tax is 12% else its 18%.

2. Consultancy Services – GST rates on a consultancy service is 18%.

Consultancy can be of any type related to healthcare, finance, investment..etc. The consultancy services fall under 18%  slab.

3. Professional services – GST rates on professional services are as follows: 

Nature of ServicesTax Rate
Services provided by legal professionals (advocates)Services are given in term to advise, assistant or  consultancy under law, in any manner it includes representational services
Services provided by C.A/C.SServices in nature of accounting, bookkeeping, audit, balance sheet, tax return preparation18%
Services provided by Doctors/PhysiotherapistServices are like giving treatment to the patient,Service for an appearance like laser treatment, hair transplant, cosmetic, plastic surgery, and all other services provided by the doctors or physiotherapists are cover under health care services and are exempt from GST levy.
Services provided by architects or interior designerDecoration or design service.18%
Services provided by engineers18%
Services provided by teachersSo any services provided by private/government teachers/ tutors who run coaching centers or  conduct coaching classes come under professional services and the services they offer to students can be termed as education services liable to be taxed]18%
Services provided by designers18%
Services provided by film artist18%
Courier ServicesThis service includes sending parcels, letter, etc. Which also involve transportation, collection, and delivery. 18%


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