Embrace the natural remedy for curing Varicocele


Ayurveda is an ancient technique of natural recovery and healing whose emergence took place from the Vedic customs. The practice of curing diseases with ayurvedic medicines is rehearsed since the last 5000 years in India and is known to be the best way of curing diseases as it has got no such side effects because it is entirely natural. Ayurveda mainly deals with the holistic approach.

Advantages of Ayurvedic treatment:

Ayurveda diet helps cure various hormonal, autoimmune, inflammation and digestive problems including depression, dementia, Varicocele, Alzheimer’s disease, premenstrual syndrome, and many more.

  • It helps reduce anxiety and stress by performing yoga, herbal treatment, visualization, replicating the inspirational mantras, skin brushing, and meditation. It is also very useful for the health of patients who have cancer.
  • It drops down cholesterol and blood pressure. Ayurvedic relaxation techniques and healthy diet including herbs, spices, vegetables, and legumes helps reduce the buildup of plaque, alters the stiffening of artery walls in adults and people suffering from heart diseases.
  • It cures Varicocele naturally by reducing pain and discomfort and reduces swelling up of blood vessels. Varicocele ayurvedic remedies are highly beneficial to get relief from pain in the scrotum, relieve abnormal flow of blood, improves motility and production of sperm.
  • It promotes antioxidant and nutrient-rich diet containing whole foods. Ayurvedic diet comprises of spices, vegetables, tea, healthy fats, protein, fresh herbs, and high antioxidant nourishment, which helps regulate body temperature and digestion.
  • It also helps maintain weight loss, lowers inflammation, supports hormonal balance, and helps in quick recovery from various illness and injuries.

More information on curing Varicocele

Varicocele can be cured by:

  • Use of ghee and medicated oils
  • Steamy therapy/ medicated fomentation
  • Dosed enemas of alcohol
  • Hot, unctuous and fresh food which are salty, sour and sweet
  • Permitting natural transition of wind, stool, urine
  • Varicocele natural remedies help in the movement of blood
  • Avoiding extreme cold, staying awake at night, sex and exertion.

Diet for Varicocele treatment:

  • The intake of food like processed and junk food, margarine, caffeine, hydrogenated oil, alcohol, sugar, animal fat should be avoided altogether.
  • Consume eatables like Poultry, fish oil, fish, olive oil, flaxseed oil, fresh vegetables, fatty acids, whole grains, fresh fruits, organic food.
  • Food with high fiber improves indigestion, prevents constipation from avoiding coercion on the veins near the pelvic floor and bowels.
  • You should consume water and fluids at regular intervals to stay hydrated. Consume food having flavonoids as it boosts the blood vessels.

Yoga and Asana for Varicocele therapy

  • Yoga enhances blood circulation and reduces blood stagnation in your body. Yoga cools down the testicles and helps in the dissemination of pooled blood.
  • It alleviates stress and testicular damage.
  • It stimulates healing of testicles and Varicocele. Yoga is beneficial in maintaining reproductive and vascular health, thus helps in its healing.
  • Ayurveda recommends the following asanas to be performed by men suffering from Varicocele:
  • Dhanurasana
  • Padmasana
  • Vajrasana
  • Savasana
  • Matsyasana
  • The various breathing techniques and poses help in the treatment of infertility and varicocele pain, reduces swelling, enhances a healthy flow of blood, and creates a relieving bodily domain for Varicocele.


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