Born Geniuses but Education System Dumbs Us Down – NASA Insights

born creative geniuses but the education system dumbs us down - NASA Insights


We are born creative geniuses but the education system dumb us down – NASA Insights. 1

The Study Conducted by Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman. 1

The Results of the Longitudinal Line of Study Conducted on Children. 1

The Reasoning Behind the Results. 2

Author Bio. 3

The shocking study at NASA could make a pessimist tremble out of fear, for hours! Just when we thought the future could not get any bleaker, turns out that the whole system has been rigged – and there is no escaping the shackles of our society.

The Study Conducted by Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman

One of the most interesting findings of the study was quite surprisingly an accident. NASA hired the two researchers, Dr. George Land, and Beth Jarman to conduct a study for them. The study was essentially meant to test the creativity levels of the rocket scientists and the engineers that were working at NASA. Its main purpose was to help NASA form teams containing the most competent and creative individuals. Hence, the test would serve as a screening tool.

George Land and Beth Jarman were quite interested and impressed with the outcome of the test; for it proved to be fairly accurate. But there were still a few unanswered questions and missing links. Hence, they moved forward to research the common population. Questions like what causes one to become creative? Whether creativity is an inborn trait or is it a result of our environment? – these questions intrigued them. That is why they started the research was going to shock them!

The Results of the Longitudinal Line of Study Conducted on Children

In the initial stage of the research, Dr. George Land focused on children aged four to five – their results showed creativity levels as high as 98%. This was a very motivating finding and the research team was more driven to dive further.

Unfortunately, after following the same group of children after five years, their creativity levels had dropped to 30%. Quite disappointingly, the same individuals at fifteen had creativity scores as low as 12% and at adults, they were only 2% creative. Those only lead to great frustration and more questions. A few members of the search group even left after seeing these outcomes – either to conduct their separate research through law essay help uk or because they were too dejected by the results.

In any case, Dr. George Land had to come with a correlation and the reason as to why the imagination levels of children were decreasing at such a drastic and troubling rate.

The Reasoning Behind the Results

Dr. George Land explained through his results that the education system is essentially designed to dumb us down. He said that since the industrial age paved the way to the growth of schools and the subsequent growth of schools and universities – the education system was never devised to make one smarter. Instead, it was made as a manufacturing industry to form employers who would willingly take up demanding jobs and huge conglomerates – without questioning the authority and exercising conformity.

Since these are the basic traits that are emphasized throughout ones’ school years. No wonder most students struggle with keeping up focus, get frustrated studying subjects that they are not interested in and end up seeking assignment writing services.

Furthermore, Dr. George Land explained how our schools practically transform the way we think. He said that there are two basic manners of thinking:

  • Convergent thinking – a more focused type of thinking. Which becomes activated during decision making, analyzing, accessing and criticizing something.
  • Divergent think – a more open form of thinking that helps one look at all the possibilities around them and explore all parameters. Thus, flex the creative muscle in your brain. 

According to Dr. George Land, the school system tends to force students into using both the divergent and the convergent pattern of thinking at the same time. This way, the brains’ neurons have to fight to process information and churn out ideas; suppressing the brain’s ability to think creatively. As this occurs nearly daily in schools – students graduate as dumber individuals than what they started as.

The idea behind such institutions is to keep the rich dominate and powerful. Since, these students will be less capable of coming up with better, innovative solutions in practical life. Hence, they would never venture out to incorporate creative business ideas or challenge authority. Instead, through conforming in dominate systems – students will seek information from a place of fear than curiosity and will be more ignorant while fearing criticism and censoring their thoughts. Dr. George Land also highlighted how this fear can be perpetually damaging to liberating the creative process – the latter lights up all the neurons in the brain!

How Can We Continue Being Creative in a System that Trains us to do the opposite?

The best part of the study is that the researchers are hopeful that this isn’t the end of the world and we are not as doomed as we believed. By taking the following simple measuring, one can boost their creative neurons:

  • Practicing yoga, meditating or exercising to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Neurogenesis through meditation can help build more neurons and synapses in the brain.
  • Having a healthy diet to keep ones’ serotonin levels in check. The hormone is a mood elevator which is mostly stimulated from the stomach.
  • Watching quality content, instead of hearing news that entices fear, watching shows or music videos that depict an unreal lifestyle or listening to celebrity gossip.
  • Questioning the belief systems and the stereotypes that we have been fed through our parents or society.
  • Generally being more inquisitive of the things around us and how we can improve them.

Dr. George Land believes that our five-year-old child’s creative genius has only been suppressed and it is quite possible to bring it back through mindful meditation and daily reinforcements. Otherwise, if we fail to do so and do not question the things around us, we will perpetually fall into the loop that has been constructed by the elite to keep us contained and enslaved.   

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