A Simple Perfume Guide To Make You The Expert

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Perfumers spend years in studying and understanding perfumes before they start mixing oils together for creating the finest of fragrances. They keep learning about its new trends, different ways for creating the perfumes as well as making the scents perfect for the users while keeping the costs in control. Well, to understand perfumes a little better way you do not need to spend years to study about them, as we have curated this little perfume guide. It contains every bit of information that will help you in knowing perfumes and using that information in finding an ideal perfume for your everyday use. So, let’s get started!

Know Your Notes:

Before buying a perfume, we always ensure to look for the notes that are mentioned on the pack or ask the sales assistant for the details on it. But are you aware of the basics of notes? Every perfume is divided into three layers, top notes, middle notes and base notes. The top notes or the opening notes of a perfume are the ones that you get in the very first impression of the perfume. With their light molecular structure, they will evaporate faster making way towards the next layer of notes. Since it is the first impression, it has to be something that can capture your attention and take you towards the next note smoothly.

After this comes the middle notes also known as heart notes or heart of the perfume. These will stay on you for a bit longer as compared to the top notes and will be a bit strong too. The middle notes are generally a combination of floral-fruity accords that are often mixed with spicy accords. It can stay on you for about 2-4 hours according to the perfume. In the end, there are the base notes that come at the end and are strongest of them all.

Base notes can be rich and pungent therefore they are covered with the top and middle layer to make it more soothing to your senses instead of giving it the blast of strong scent. This will include woody, spicy and earthy notes that will linger on your body until the very end. Colour Me fragrances always mention the perfume notes in the form of a pyramid depicting top, middle and base clearly so you can buy the perfumes after knowing which layer is offering what. Try to buy the perfumes on the basis of base notes and middle notes.

Simple Things About Perfume:

There are several things about the perfume that we all see but do not understand. It might seem harmless but when you are in search of an ideal perfume you need to know it all and the reason behind it. Why a perfume is named a certain way or what is the meaning of the terms written on the bottle of the perfume, there is always a reason behind all of it.

Why alcohol is added to the base?

Alcohol molecules merge with the perfume molecules and it helps them to evaporate at a faster rate. The heat from the body accelerates the evaporation making the fragrance prominent. The higher the alcohol the prominent fragrance will be. You can also find perfumes that are free of alcohol but with a unique base such as oil or water. They evaporate slow but can give a lasting fragrance.

What makes EDP, EDT and EDC different from each other?

All of them are different types of perfumes but the basic difference between them is the concentration of perfume essence or oils mixed in the base. Parfum has the highest concentration, after this Eau de parfum, then eau de toilette and at last it is eau de cologne. The perfume concentration depicts the longevity and strength of the perfume. The higher it is the less you will need to apply the perfume.

Why the same perfume smells different on my friend?

Every person has their own unique scent given off by the pheromones. These pheromones merge with the perfume molecules and create a whole new scent. This is the reason why perfumes can often smell different on every single person.

How does my skin affect perfume?

The kind of skin you have can have major effects on your perfume. People with oily skin often enjoy perfumes for a longer period of time while the ones with dry skin find their perfume to evaporate in no time. It is the amount of moisture or oil in your skin that can enhance or decrease the effect of perfume. If you have dry skin, apply moisturiser before spraying on perfume.

Is it important to change the perfumes according to different season?

Yes, it is very crucial as your perfume behaves according to its surrounding. Every season and time of the day has a different perfume requirement which should be kept in mind while buying and wearing fragrances. Go for gentle fragrances for the summer season, fresh perfumes for monsoon, slightly warm ones for autumn and strong rich ones for winter. Colour Me perfumes are available in an array of selection for different seasons. Choose them accordingly to smell amazing throughout the year.

How to make the perfume scent last longer?

Always apply perfume on your pulse points. These will help you to enhance the scent of the perfume. Behind your ear, under the neck, behind the neck, on the chest, on the stomach, behind the knee and elbow and underarms are best places to apply the perfume. Apply a little moisturiser on your skin before spraying on the perfume, this will give your perfume essence something to stick on. You should also try to keep your skin clean before applying the perfume. These were just a few of the details that can help you in finding an ideal perfume for yourself. You can also use these tips to make a perfume long-lasting giving you unadulterated fragrance. Always but good quality perfume from a trusted seller with higher perfume essence if you want that one of a kind scented experience.


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