8 Crazy Gadgets you should have in 2019

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This is the smart glass that can turn virtual world into reality or as of your dual modes of mental reality mode see and the second is glass mode that like you picture an image at 20 degrees from horizontal. Our technology has bigger display than Google glass the gadget comes with stronger battery a built in camera, position sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS system. It’s powerful display gives you clear and sharp eyesight. Cheer your winning moments by aura glass in a moment directly to your social media calm.

Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun

No more fear from intruders or criminals as this Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun will be yours. Most efficient defense weapon forever the first handy pepper spray gun. It is independently able to stop a man from killing a child. The shooting balls are filled with powder pepper spray and tear gas mixture. The gun is powered by air pressure so no need of charging and you can easily avoid any violence or loud bang. The shooting wall creates a fight feed cloud of pepper spray and tear gas. It is able to cause temporary blindness lung constriction and impact trauma. It holds any attack from a criminal from 45 minutes.


An advanced measurement equipment have you ever found taking measurement, a task full of trouble if yes, then VH-80 is the best gadget for you. Feel free from taking measurement of risky spots, you still waste your time in estimating all side and edges. Let VH-80 save your time by easy dual working side feature. It is what’s first bilateral laser measuring device that tracks both side. The one touch control button that gets you instant resolve, it is able to track three values at once, no left right and total length and a couple of minutes it can quickly find a midpoint as well as calculate area of any shape work smarter not harder.


The solution for your feet, whether you go to any wet place like a pool or the sea now you can avoid flopping from that surface, sliding on wet floor while walking hastily is no more an issue as Nakefit has brought the perfect feet for you just peel off and stick to feet. Walk over hot sand at sea or fibre rocks is going to be funnier it comes in various colors and sizes. Nakefit the handy friend to your feet.


Wearable keyboard and mouse now type wherever you go the simple convenient and wearable keyboard mouse will turn any surface into a desk just insert through all fingers in rings including tub and get ready for an amazing experience. Buying a video game, sending a bill or message is on your fingertips with tap one tap and type no matter if you are a businessman a professional, an architect, an engineer or anyone deaf one is convenient and efficient for all deaf one has one built in 370am a backup battery and a micro USB cable to make easy interactions with any laptop, PC.

CityGo Urban

If you are one of the frustrated people who suffer from tiresome commute this gadget will comes to change your commute definition. The journey starts with the simple kick and the rest of work is done by smart wheel. To speed up just kick again and soar the speed by pressing the brake at back foot the speed will automatically adjust and maintain the 300-watt strong motor never let you down again slow. The CityGo is an able to maintain the speed whether it is a flat ground or uphill you just need to all types its energy-saving regenerative braking system stores the power in battery bag while you apply brake. The smart rider only weighs 9.8kg, so you can carry anywhere with ease check the work efficiency and other status of this scooter of your mobile device. CityGo as you select the different speed mode that categorized in three tires know as normal and sports it also has a charging port so you can energize the device running. 

Air Pix

Here comes a new trendy air will camera for all your recording and clicking requirements take pictures shoot reduce and post them on social media with air pics using a simple app or get selfie stick and avoid finding an assistant to all your camera. This is so easy and so light fitted that you can carry anywhere fly, freeze, snap and back just three simple steps and the work is done. Want to customize image just go to full setting and set what you need the auto 360-degree feature take shot by itself. Additionally, you can control the moment by your gestures to some other features called megapixel camera 60 feet of range, 6 minutes plus wine time and smooth air stabilization. You can use it while watching movie on site like Movie Hustle. Air Pix your personal camera system.

Ruggie Alarm Clock

How many times do you press snooze and get a plate if you want to be an early bird, we are going to introduce you an outstanding rug carpet alarm clock. The extraordinary feature is you have to step on this rug and press gently to stop ringing alarm step on the rug for three seconds and the alarm will stop. Meanwhile, it will also encourage you with motivational speeches it consists of super soft and comfortable memory for bright LED display and high quality anti-slip rubber wake up in early morning has never been so easy before.


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