6 Pros And Cons Of Outsourced Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

In this current hard time, companies are trying to find some ways in which they can minimize the present overall operational expenditure to the fullest. One such option is to get in touch with a corporate secretarial firm. When the matter involves around sources like administrative and secretarial tasks, these services are known to provide some amazing solutions for so many firms. It is vital for you to get along with the outsourced company secretarial services. But before any of that, it is mandatory for you to get in touch with the advantages and disadvantages as involved in this stage. 

Get to the pros first:

There are so many positive services available with outsourced company based secretarial services with wide ranges of benefits. These options are available for startups and established firms as well. 

  1. Cost effectiveness at its best:

The main benefit of using Outsourced secretarial services is that you get the chance to cut down on the operational cost of the firm. There is no need for you to invest  in comprehensive training program or that of the refresher course, available for the secretaries. You are free from investing in normally expensive office equipment, which is important for retaining in-house secretaries. It is not mandatory for you to get obliged to foot in some regular employee pay and then work benefits for the secretaries over here. These factors are major responsibility of firm whose services you can get outsourced.

  1. Services and their versatility:

It is mandatory for you to know that you get the chance to outsource any of the major secretarial service whenever the company is asking for some. Majority of the reliable firms, offering these services might make it their main business to just retail team of secretaries who are mainly experts in some specified professional fields. Some of the notable ones in this regard are business paperwork filing, tax record maintenance, statutory financial returns and even preparation of company resolutions. These are some of the major specialized skills that will need substantial investment if you are planning to employ some of the in-house secretaries.

  1. Enhancing the efficiency level of the firm:

It is always mandatory for you to know that outsourcing the secretarial services can always help in improving the office efficiency. So, it can eventually reflect in improving the productivity level. These experts offering company secretary services in India are dedicatedly working on the projects as handed to them and might ensure they get to perform exemplary and professional jobs.

Now for the disadvantages:

Just like its share of pros, there are some cons that you need to focus at whenever the matter is associated with outsourcing the company secretarial services in here. So, it is time to learn more about those cons too, just to be on the safer side of this outsourcing service.

  1. Trustworthiness and confidentiality:

To start  off with, the sensitive nature of this job, the corporate firms will appreciate having secretaries they can trust completely. Secretaries have to go through some of the sensitive documents like  confidential files; IT returns and reviews the resolutions of the company. So, more companies, thinking this way, will always invest bucks on in-house secretaries and may not head towards the outsourced help that much.

  1. Accessibility and then accountability:

For some of the established businesses out there, procuring help from someone who they can access on a daily basis is always mandatory. Furthermore, having anyone to hold accountable for the actions become also important. So, this helps in providing the firms with an assurance that they are always in position of having some control over tasks that they allocate to the secretaries.  The outsource services cannot cover these stages but can be performed by in-house secretaries only.

  1. The costs associated with retaining in-house secretaries:

To hire services of in-house secretaries, the company has to make a colossal investment. This will include training the secretaries to perform their tasks well and understand multiple administrative jobs. On the other hand, it is mandatory to invest in some equipment and office space to help them function completely. Furthermore, you have to match up with the HR expenditure like pensions, salaries PAYE tax, sickness pay and even the vacation pay. 

These costs can be overwhelming for startups and even for the smaller business establishments. So, the in-house secretaries are expensive when compared to outsourced services, but still people prefer going for these heads just to get complete control over their tasks. Some outsourced services can be a bit expensive as well, with more added works.

Get to avoid office politics:

If you can outsource the company secretarial services then you are free from in-house politics, which are associated with in-house secretarial services. It helps in creating a positive environment for the company and they value outsourcing the pros for such services too.


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